Photo by Renee Hollingshead and Rudney Novaes

Photo by Renee Hollingshead and Rudney Novaes

hello, i'm nikki | shotgunning for love letters calligraphy and wedding invitations

I started Shotgunning for Love during a time that I needed quiet, mindful, imperfect moments to myself. For me, calligraphy is about patience and focus. After a major life event, my husband and I eloped. I joked about the reasons I imagined people would think we had a shotgun wedding, but said it was really just for love. The letters came later as calligraphy became my escape during a difficult time. My favorite thing about working on calligraphy is that I can’t think about anything else when I’m focused on writing--and that feels perfect. 

I believe in the value of creating something with your hands and the beautiful imperfection of a hand lettered stroke. I’m inspired by little drops of ink where they’re not supposed to be, the textured edges of handmade paper, pulling the lever of my letterpress and the reason I began practicing this old trade. I think of calligraphy like a fingerprint; each artisan has their own style. For me, each curve is crafted with mindful purpose.

More recently, I’ve developed a love for collecting unique rarities and antique styling pieces for flatlays and home. You can see more of my work at Curated Behavior.

Personally, I’m a tequila loving outgoing introvert that would rather stay home with my dogs and a calligraphy pen because Bravo TV and the perfect margarita. Likely, I’ll have ink on my hands and paper sprawled all over my desk that is rarely cleaned off. I work best in messy environments. I absolutely love writing the curve of my favorite calligraphy letters, which right now includes the letters S, B, and M (yes, calligraphers have favorite letters). I’m mostly known as a straight-forward and driven person with a propensity for honesty. My friends can always count on me to tell the truth, but I’ve learned to wait until asked…usually. I want people to know that flawed shit is the best shit and p.s., I love cussing. 

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