How I Named My Creative Business

Today marks my two year wedding anniversary. It also marks a major lifestyle change my husband and I embarked on about two years ago when our world was rocked to its core. AND I'm about to tell you how I came up with the name for for my calligraphy business: Shotgunning for Love Letters. 

Two years ago, my husband Andy (and then boyfriend) and I were coming up on our 5 year "dating" anniversary. I was pretty certain marriage was not for me and I clung to my independence like it was something that could actually sprout legs, put on the newest pair of Under Armour shoes and run from me. One night changed everything. 

"One night changed everything. "

I was upstairs in my room (obviously watching Law and Order: SVU) when some strange sounds could be heard from my first floor. It sounded like someone was gasping for air along with a real guttural noise. I had just come off a Walking Dead Marathon and legitimately thought the zombie apocalypse had begun. I grabbed a hammer (yes, you're reading this correctly and yes, I had a hammer nearby) and ran downstairs ready to kick some zombie ass. I found my husband having a violent seizure. I had never seen a seizure in real life before, and they're nothing like how they're portrayed in TV dramas (and maybe you're sensing a theme about how I get much of my information).

"In that moment, our entire lives flashed before my eyes." 

In that moment, our entire lives flashed before my eyes. I was terrified. I thought I may never get the chance to tell him how I really felt, that I was just kidding about never wanting to be married, and that his chewing on his nails wasn't actually the end of the world. I called 911 and Andy had several more seizures before we finally made it to the emergency room that evening. While in a daze, I rattled off his birthdate, allergies and medical history to doctors and nurses. They called me Mrs. White. I knew I had to be. 

Once we were finally able to go home, I remember laying in bed making all sorts of plans. I actually cry every time I watch the movie Deadpool because (SPOILER ALERT), I am constantly making plans to solve current and potential problems while Andy is just living in the moment and soaking it all in (Deadpool + Vanessa 4 ever). My solution here was that we were fools and needed to be married. We decided we would get two days and we did. We eloped on Federal Hill in Baltimore, MD and it was perfect and scary and spontaneous and us. 

After months of tests and doctors visits, Andy was diagnosed with Epilepsy as an adult. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. Bursts of electricity fire or misfire in the brain. In some, this can cause the body to shake and flail about. There are many different kinds of seizures and you'd be surprised to know that it is actually pretty common; you might even know someone that has epilepsy. Some seizures can be controlled with medication. There is a lot scientists don't know about epilepsy and it's cause. It's pretty mysterious, just like my husband! You can read more about epilepsy here

So, how did this turn of events help to name my business? I joked to my husband that everyone was going to think we had a "shotgun wedding" because I was pregnant. Instead, I said we had a shotgun wedding just for love. It stuck and I added the "letters" because I'm a calligrapher. 

We lived happily ever after. Just kidding. We live and it's full of challenges, but it's worth it.  

How I Named My Creative Business | Shotgunning for Love Letters