Holiday and Christmas Card Envelope Calligraphy Reservations

Holiday and Christmas Card Envelope Calligraphy | Shotgunning for Love Letters

I'm currently taking limited orders on holiday and Christmas card calligraphy. On average, envelope calligraphy, depending on the quantity and season can take about 2-3 weeks to complete. It's always best to book your calligrapher as early as possible. There are a ton of calligraphers to choose from online with varying years of experience. Depending on your budget, I recommend choosing a calligrapher based on their portfolio and experience. It's important not to pick a calligrapher solely based on the cheapest you can find! An experienced calligrapher has tools that help them ensure that your envelopes have a uniform look and style. Your calligrapher should also be spell checking your envelopes before shipping to you and even provide paper tips on which envelopes will work best with a certain ink. I love to nerd out over ink and calligraphy tools. Please e-mail me if you'd like to reserve calligraphy for your holiday card envelopes or just if you have any questions about envelope calligraphy!

Holiday Envelope Calligraphy Pricing

Outer Envelope Addressing $3.00/envelope

Inner Envelope Addressing $1.50/envelope

Return Address $2.75/envelope

Rubber Stamp Address $45+

*Metallic Ink Upcharge $0.25/envelope

Happy Holidays!