Best Nine Posts Of 2017 On Instagram

Today I'm sharing my "best nine" Instagram posts of 2017. I started seeing people share their top nine posts a few years ago and it's one of my favorite things to see at the end of the year. I also like to compare the different years and have shared 2016 at the bottom of this post. I can't share 2015 because I apparently have previously deleted most of my posts from that year. Get your own best nine here.

Best Nine 2017

Best Nine 2017 Instagram | Shotgunning for Love Letters Calligraphy

1. My holiday card ended up being my most liked post of 2017. I had so much fun designing this set and I think the reason it was my top post is because it was part of a giveaway! I ended up getting the design letterpressed by Czar Press and sending them out to family and friends for the holiday.

2. I got these vintage stamps from Verde Studio and added them to envelopes I calligraphed for some of my vendor friends. There's nothing that makes me happier during Christmastime than classic Christmas colors like red and green. The vintage stamps were giving me all kinds of nostalgia. 

3. This photo is an agate I painted using watercolor and then added gold leaf foil over the top. I sent it off to an editorial shoot and have the original displayed in my bathroom. The digitized version is available for download in my Etsy shop. 

4. A wedding photo of Andy and I (one of my favorites). Husband is handsome.

5. I love collaborating with graphic designers and providing spot calligraphy. This suite was designed by Ruby the Fox. How about the marble liner with metallic details?

6. One of my favorite shoots of 2017 shot by Saje Photography in Arizona and featured on Inspired By This. The location was stunning and the couple ended up in a canoe on the lake. So dreamy!

7. This shoot was designed and planned by Ryann Lindsey Photography who I adore! I'm lucky enough to work with a great group of creatives in Arizona throughout the year and they're always pushing me to try new things. This liner was hand painted and digitized to match the setting. 

8. Favorite wedding envelopes of 2017--hands down. Metallic gold calligraphy on rich black envelopes for Lemon and Lime Event Design and featured in Baltimore Bride Magazine (in print in their latest issue).

9. Watercolor on Fabulous Fancy Pants paper for Nolo Weddings and Victoria Selman? Yes, please! This mountain-top elopement had some of my favorite boho details. 

Best Nine 2016

Instagram Best Nine 2016 | Shotgunning for Love Letters

*See my original Instagram posts for a full list of vendors.